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Last updated: November 6, 2007

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Q. Where is CPTC?
A. CPTC is in Lakewood, 40 miles south of Seattle in the state of Washington, USA. Street addresses and maps to all CPTC campuses are available from the college web site.
Q.    How can I get a copy of my CPTC transcript?
A. You can view your transcript on-line (free), or order an official hard copy ($5/ea) sent to your employer or school.
Q. What's with the different Domain Names?
A. CPTC's web site pulls together information from several different sources and services. Since the original site went on-line in 1997, the location of some host systems has changed. The preferred Home Page address is The old URL,, will be maintained to preserve existing links, but should not be used or distributed.
Q. What kind of school is CPTC?
A. CPTC is a fully accredited public two-year technical college with a curriculum that emphasizes career training. We offer 50 Full-Time Career Training programs and a wide variety of Part-Time Continuing Education and Extension classes.
Q. What kinds of degrees does CPTC offer?
A.  CPTC is accredited to grant up to a two-year Associate of Applied Technology degree, depending on the program. Please see the Career Training page for program details.
Q. What does it cost to attend CPTC?
A. All tuition, fees, books, supplies and materials costs for Career Training programs are detailed in the Program Fee Lists. Costs for part-time classes are listed in the Continuing Education brochure and Book Prices list.
Q. Can I get Financial Aid?
A. Financial Aid is available to all qualifying students. Please see the Financial Aid page for details.
Q. How do I enroll?
A. Admission is available to all qualifying students based on program availability. Please see the Prospective Students page for details.
Q. Can I take classes on-line?
A.  CPTC has established partnerships with EducationToGo and Washington Online to deliver training over the Internet. Please see the Class Schedule for course offerings. To register for an on-line class, please go to the On-Line Registration page.
Q. Can I take certification tests like MCSE at CPTC?
A.  CPTC is an Authorized Prometric Testing Center. The Testing Center administers certification tests for over 100 companies including Microsoft, Novell, Compaq, Apple, Sun, Oracle, and HP, as well as FAA and FCC examinations. Call (253)583-8721 for test fees and schedules. For more information see the Prometric [EXT] web site.
Q. What about student housing?
A. CPTC does not provide student housing. The Lakewood [EXT] community has private housing and apartments available for a wide range of budgets.
Q. Is child care available?
A. CPTC has an on-campus day care center and other programs. Please see the Child Care page or contact the Child Care Center at (253)589-5531 or Head Start at (253)589-5721 for further information.
Q. How do I get to CPTC?
A. Please see the Maps & Directions page for campus locations and driving directions. Free visitor parking is available in most locations on campus.
Q. Can I get to CPTC using public transit?
A. The CPTC campus is served by the 3 [EXT] and 202 [EXT] buses from Pierce Transit [EXT].
Q. Can I get a catalog?
A. CPTC will send you a catalog at no charge. Please provide your mailing address and indicate the information you need on the Information Request page.
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